5 Ways on How to Induce Labor with these Yoga Prenatal Poses

You’ll be surprised that Yoga is also a prominent method to induce labor naturally as the overall exercise and yoga poses can help engage the baby in the pelvis. As expectant mothers have experienced, doing yoga as a natural way to induce labor is effective and safe. With that, we show you the best yoga poses for labor that you can try on yourselves too.

You’re on your Full Term and you are really excited to show your baby to the world. You’ll now start to feel uncomfortable and pressured, maybe a little worried.

There may be a couple of reasons why you would want to deliver the baby a little earlier than the expected date that your doctor says. Remember that the date given is only an estimate, anywhere near the date is safe; babies that are born somewhere on the 39th – 40th week have the best of health and so, you should consider this time of the week whenever you wanted to induce labor a little bit earlier. It’s normal, which is why there are various ways to induce labor with these prenatal yoga poses.

So don’t panic when you’re on the 37th week since the baby is considered in the late term until 41st week and the post term of 42 weeks.

However, there are labor inducing yoga poses for you who are excited to see your little angel. As long as you’ve consulted your doctor already and is considered safe for your week, then we can help.

Other than the artificial methods and medications, we also share to you the top 5 yoga poses for labor and delivery. Do these in the morning as it may help you with your labor that may come early in the evening. Be sure that you are really prepared with the baby bag.

Labor induction yoga pose #1 : Vertical Lunges or Banarasana

Vertical LungesLunges are commonly used for regular yoga routine, but it has more to it as it is proven to be effective labor-induction exercise. As much as you can, open your legs wide while lunging as it helps open the pelvis. As walking is also known to easily induce labor, you can combine the lunges with a wide and stretchy walk. Do this for 3 whole minutes.

Labor induction yoga pose #2 : Butterfly pose or Badhakonasana

Butterfly poseThe butterfly pose is a simple yet powerful pose that can effectively induce labor as it helps make the pelvic flexible. For this, you can also choose to lean on a wall, for support. While doing this position, put your feet together then you can press your knees as you widen it and stretch your legs, making labor easier and possible for a smooth delivery.

Labor induction yoga pose #3 : Wide Leg Forward Bend or Prasarita Padottanasana

Wide Leg Forward Bend

As this pose opens your pelvis and helps in ease labor, the wide leg forward is also a popular way to relax the lower back. As it loosens the muscles at the pelvic region, the inducing process becomes easy and attainable, helping you to have a natural and normal delivery in no time. Make sure that you open your legs apart as widely as you can, then slowly bend forward until you were able to touch the ground. Do this for a minute.

Labor induction yoga pose #4 : Squats or Malasana

SquatsThis pose Helps the pelvis to widen while preparing it for birth. As it helps the baby to move downward as gravity pulls them, it is considered an effective way to induce labor in a natural way. Do this slowly for about a minute. Just remember to try this at home to avoid the onlookers.

Labor induction yoga pose #5 : Pelvic Roll using the Yoga Ball

Pelvic Roll using the Yoga Ball copy

While sitting on your yoga ball, gently move your hips in a circular position, making your ball roll slightly. This exercise helps relax the lower back and hip muscles. After this, do a gentle bounce over the ball as you help the baby downward with the gravity. In the same way, this movement can help relieve the stress that the lower back is experiencing and help the baby to rotate and stay in a position that will easily induce delivery.

Bonus: Rubbing your belly for 1 minute

Belly rub 800x533Another popular way is through the yoga dance. Though they have similarities with these yoga poses, both are effective. As we incorporate the yoga poses here with one step in the yoga dance for inducing labor, it is advisable to do these before and after doing the poses stated above.

What you need to do is rub your belly in circular motion clockwise for one minute using your flat palm. Continue doing this in a vigorous motion around it. This is effective as it simulates the contraction all throughout the exercise.

A tip for soon to be moms:

Relax! All these methods are proven and effective, however if you are nervous and stressed, you will not be able to gain the desired effects. Our main goal is to keep you relax and ease the body while inducing the delivery of the baby. After all, having a relaxed body is the key that’ll aid these poses.

Everyone has their own body type and condition, if you didn’t feel anything in the late afternoon, try doing it again the next day. What you need are patience and trust. Your body knows its pacing, as it knows the development needed by your baby. Don’t be tensed, relax and do these labor inducing yoga poses and stretches to see for yourself.

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