7 Simple Yoga Practices to Boost Your Morning

Remember those mornings where you just get grumpy and didn’t know why? Maybe it’s because you had little sleep, or maybe you just woke up at the wrong side of the bed. Without you knowing, the day quickly transforms to a bad, disastrous day. Wanted to get rid of those? Here are some yogi practices to include in your daily morning routine. 

Being a yogi is not just about flexibility and perfect poses. It’s also about enriching your inner self with discipline and positive energy. No wonder yogis are full of life. They usually do the yoga practices to start a perfect morning. And you too can adapt these as we guarantee that they are easy to follow.

Yoga practices for a good morning

Some say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I say a good yoga practice every morning makes your day shining and glowing (Yeah I made that up, but you get the point), in simpler words, start your day right! You only need 7 easy practices to do in the morning:


  1. Smile – smiling makes everyone feel good. Thus, starting your morning with a big wide smile can boost your happiness. If you don’t feel like smiling, still do your best to smile in front of a mirror. This also works best with your favorite yoga pose. So strike a pose and give in your best smile! I know it may sound insane, but just give it a try. Look in front of the mirror and see what I’m talking about.kosal-ley-186072
  2. Meditate – you know why a lot of articles keeps on saying take time to meditate? Because it’s relatively connected to happiness. Expert says it’s a key to long term happiness, the one that gets you moving forward positively. It’s because you get to reconnect with your mind & body, shutting yourself down to any distractions. Now, it’s perfect to meditate during mornings as it readies your mind to think sharp and calmly prepare yourself through a busy day.breathe
  3. Kapalabhati  or breath of fire – encountering unexpected negative emotions during mornings are hard to shake of. However, with the help of Kapalabhati or what we call shining intellect, you get to energize and warm you body & brain. It also helps in toning the abdominal muscles and improves digestion, so it’s very ideal to do this in the morning. All you need is 15 minutes a day to do this breathing exercise. What you need to do is sit in a comfortable crossed-leg position, inhale slowly and exhale with force. As you get used of the rhythm, incorporate the movement of your belly. Contract your belly as you exhale and release the when inhaling. See how it fires you with energy?visualization
  4. Positive visualizations – another very effective tool is visualizations. Get rid of your worries, negative feelings, and thoughts lingering every morning. Instead, visualize on a good event you are looking forward today. Anticipating that it’ll really happen gives a certain happy feeling. To start off, imagine yourself in a happy place and doing what you wanted to do. Expand your senses, as much as possible, use your other senses to smell, feel and hear that happy place. See how your feelings changed?grateful
  5. Gratitude – being in a habit of mindfulness, you became aware of your surroundings and everything associated with you. Be grateful to everything that is given to you, even those simple things. A simple “I am thankful for this morning” or “I am happy that my dog greeted me this morning” works well. This makes you aware of what you already have rather than focusing on what you didn’t have at the moment. Regularly doing this, you’ll become contented and happy.emily-sea-198689
  6. Asana power poses – have a boost of power throughout the day by practicing your favorite Asana power poses. The power poses simply helps you in gaining confidence and self-esteem through strength, in preparation to a busy day ahead of you.rawpixel-com-256640
  7. Mindful eating – eating breakfast while feeling happy and positive puts you in a good mood. And a way to eat mindfully is by appreciating the food at the table. Not only does it makes you feel happy, but it also boosts the food’s flavor and taste.

Simple right? As long as you follow these simple yoga routine, you’ll always have a good day ahead of you. Greatly affecting your perspective in life. Making your morning upbeat, thus boosting your whole day’s productivity at work. Waking up early to follow these routines may be hard if this is new for you, however, once you get used to it, you’ll reap all its benefits, sustaining you in a long run and making your mornings brighter than before.





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