Nina Devouge

Nina Devouge was a competitive athlete before she discovered Hot Yoga in 2007. This enabled her to push herself physically, and mentally discover her inner grounding peace. Nina currently guides the yoga and meditation practice at LinkedIn Singapore, and supports female empowerment and gender equality through UNIFEM community events in Singapore. She recently became a mother, and hopes that through journalling her experiences, she is able to inspire other mothers to stay fit pre-, during, and post-pregnancy. Full Profile

6 Things You Must Know if You are Pregnant & Want to Work Out

You can continue to exercise & workout when pregnant, but there are six things you must know before doing so. Pregnant but desire to stick with a fitness routine? It is possible. Before beginning, you need to recognise that every person and every pregnancy is different—I have been blessed, both …

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10 Ways Staying Fit During Pregnancy is Good for Baby & You

Getting pregnant does not mean giving up on your fitness routine. Rather, it will help your health—and baby’s too—if you maintained a fitness routine during pregnancy through to post-natal. Our fit mum Nina Devouge tells us why. So you are a fitness bunny who just discovered that you are pregnant, …

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