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Do You Shop for a Smaller You?

Do you usually shop for a sexier-sized-clothes as your motivator to reduce weight and be fit? Here’s what Aly Rauff has to say with that good ol’ habit. Let’s learn from her and change the way we think in life. 

“Buy it in a smaller size so it’ll fit after you lose weight”

 I heard this “advice” a lot when I was younger. Not to me but directed to people I knew who were tying to lose weight and it was also something that seemed to come up often enough in TV shows and movies (and Archie Comics) that I would remember it till today.

 Is it really good advice?

NO. Buying smaller clothes as a motivator for weight loss is, in my opinion, absolutely shit advice and something I would never do personally or recommend others to do.

There’s people who still do it and even articles online (one I came across recently which is why I thought to write this) tell people it’s a great motivator.

Not everyone’s going to feel great every single day from the moment they wake up, all ready to go into gym or meal prep or know what they need to do to achieve their health goals. This is where things you do to motivate yourself play a very important role.

I think it’s good to have short term goals, to make plans, to always reward yourself when you hit milestones and to keep in mind what you want to achieve. I’ve rewarded myself with really good (and sometimes expensive) food, new clothes, runners, events etc. And I always reward myself after I’ve reached my goals.

Is it okay to have physical goals? OF COURSE! But again, these goals should always be short term and specific. Something that’s achievable, not outrageous and something you truly believe you can manage.

What happened when you feel like you’ve been failing? Most people give up. And we don’t want that.

Unfortunately I’ve done it myself more than once. Not with the goal that one day I’ll lose weight and fit into it, but that since I knew I wasn’t eating as well as I usually would, when I changed again I would fit.

Shorts have always fit me kinda weirdly because I had a larger waist but smaller thighs. I was in between sizes and even though I know this, I bought multiple pairs up to 2 sizes too small over a few years thinking that would eventually fit me right. And it never did.

 After all this time thinking I would eventually lose enough body fat for all the shorts to fit well, they still don’t fit the way I imagined they would. (Even these shorts on the right, still don’t fit nicely)

 Sure, I’ve lost body fat, I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes. But all these shorts in my closer in a size UK 8 feel tight and stupid and don’t sit right on me.  And If I was riding on that for my happiness, to tell me I’ve reached a “body goal”, and if was so sure that I would “lose weight” and fit into these by now, I know I’d be upset and still consider myself a failure.

And I can only imagine how that feels for someone who is hoping so desperately that they will buy all these clothes and one day fit into them the way they hoped.

Our bodies are incredible and even if we have ideas in mind, they might not turn out the way we hope. Some people get smaller and their proportions stay they same. Some people lose weight in certain areas and not others. Some people end up gaining more muscle from exercise and that might not make you smaller but maybe that means you’re healthier. (remember size is not everything!)

Again, I believe in rewarding yourself once you hit these milestones. I love getting new sports bras more than anything else – and ladies we all know how often you might need to replace these if you’re losing body fat, right?

Let me also mention that if I was waiting to get smaller to be able to wear something, I wouldn’t wear tons of the stuff I own now. Just buy it in your size now and love your body in whatever you want to put on it, and then if and when you reach your physical goals, just buy some new stuff you love and want to wear!

 But even though I’m saying all this, if you really like that dress, that’s great, and if you want to get it now a size or two (or 10) smaller, then who am I to stop you?

 Know what will really motivate you, make you happy and help you reach your goals with pulling you down along the way.

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About Aly Rauff

Aly is an active and fitness-loving yogi. She used to live a completely unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle until it changed about 3 years ago. Now she works out and does yoga regularly, is excited about anything that’s fitness related and has learned how to really live a happier, healthier life! She regularly blogs about her opinions and experiences (as well as her love for activewear) and shares her workouts and yoga on Instagram.


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