Five Female Friendly Gyms to Sweat it out in Hong Kong

Ladies, it is possible to have that strong and trimmed body in Hong Kong. This is made possible with the help of the female-friendly gyms definitely worth trying out. 

Working out while on your sweatpants and tight gym wear sounds normal, however, sweating it out while being stared at is uncomfortable. With this reason, there are a lot of active women who are having a hard time going to gyms to confidently workout in Hong Kong. It’s great that there are various fitness gyms in Hong Kong that focuses on women’s needs.

To help you out, we’ve incorporated a list of female-friendly fitness gyms and gym programs that you’ll certainly be interested in.


Pherform 800x533

Pherform, an all-female gym, is prominent up till now due to their past client’s positive feedback. They offer services for group classes in which you’ll have access to 18 classes per day and private coaching whenever you need to focus on certain needs. But whatever you choose, you’ll surely reach your full potential on a diversified training style by the coaches. Learn more at Pherform.


Epic Body Fit

Epic Body Fit 800x533

Epic Body Fit is a program under Epic MMA & Fitness which is an exclusive 8-week event for women. They offer a fun and exciting fitness classes incorporating Muay Thai Cardio, weight training, and High-Intensity Interval Training that focuses on building strength and stamina – boosting you to attain your fitness goals. Learn more at Epic Body Fit.

Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance 800x533



Ultimate Performance is your trusted fitness gym that promotes fat loss and weight loss by personal trainers specifically for women. With their proven and tested 12-week program, they assure you of the desirable results in reaching your fitness goal. As they understand that it is harder for women to lose weight and fat than men, Ultimate Performance offers a tailored service for every woman’s needs. Learn more at Ultimate Performance.


Odinson 800x533

Odinson offers both fitness and yoga classes, but the one we are interested in is about their Wonder Woman fitness program. This is a female only class that promotes fat burning exercises while developing on your core strengths. Incorporating the two will help women achieve their ideal body. At the same time, the program will also focus on muscle activation techniques. Learn more at Odinson’s Wonder Woman.

 The Hit Room

The Hit Room 800x533

The Hit Room is a refreshing workout studio just across the ocean towards Hong Kong Island. They offer a variety of programs for all genders, however, the program that piques our interest is their LBT (Legs, Bums, and Tums) program. LBT is exclusively for women who wanted to have a toned, tight, and trimmed body. This program varies from different levels, beginner to intermediate, that will effectively exercise your legs, core, upper body, and butt. Learn more at The Hit Room’s LBT program.


Don’t be shy, try them out. Do yourself a favor, stay healthy and strong. Have your next fitness class in one of the stated gyms to meet and perform with like-minded women all across Hong Kong!



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