Indonesian Jamu Keeps This Hong Kong Healthpreneur Healthy

What do healthy movers and shakers in Asia eat? Katharina Bleinis, lead Tonic Connoisseur of JAHMU Tonic, Hong Kong, shares what’s on her plate.

Stay healthy on World Health Day with natural drinks and bowls of fruits just like healthpreneur, Katharina Bleinis. She fell in love with the traditional healing tonics of Indonesia, called jamu, when she lived in Bali. Using mainly local plants and roots, the recipes for these tonics were passed down through generations and many are still sold as “shots” by street vendors in Indonesia today.

When she moved to Hong Kong, Katharina took jamu with her and started her healthy tonic business, JAHMU. As a young healthpreneur in the busy city of Hong Kong, we asked her what she eats to stay healthy and fit, and on top of her game.



I stick to a raw vegan diet as much as I can. Douglas Graham’s novel, 80/10/10 (which I recommend everyone to read to gain knowledge into biological breakdown of foods) has inspired me to follow a raw vegan diet as much as I can in Hong Kong. Believe me, it’s not the easiest.

My mornings aren’t complete without my morning fruit bowls and my turmeric latte. There’s so much fruit goodness in Hong Kong to take full advantage of. My fruit bowl loaded with fresh papaya, pineapple, mangos, and various other fresh fruit that I get my hands on at the fruit markets. I am definitely THAT girl walking around Central with the two massive watermelons over my shoulders, ha!


Fruit, fruit, fruit, avocado, fruit. Fruit of choice: apples.


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Step 1: Passion Fruit Turmeric tonic to replenish and nourish the body after a sweaty and soulful yoga class. Passionfruit and turmeric is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties to keep my body away from getting creaky and stiff for the next session.

Step 2: Fully nourish with a big and hearty salad with green goodness. I’ve lately been super into making kelp dragon bowl salads with seaweed, tempeh, and packed with fresh kale from the local PoHo farmers market.




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