Kim Justimbaste

Kim Justimbaste Believes that everything in her life is a blessing, Kim learned how to love, understand, and value what she already has – just what life taught her. As a computer engineer, she developed a skill to finish what she started. Her college life as an engineer was hard, however it didn’t stop her from being inspired with books. Her favorite authors are Paulo Coelho and Mitch Alboom as the sight of their masterpieces give her a feeling of joy and excitement – the same excitement whenever she sees Ramen and Maki being served to her. However, it is inevitable to experience ups and downs in life. What she thought was a limitation, is turned into a blessing in disguise. That’s how writing came in. Starting as a freelance writer and ghostwriter career was unimaginable to her, but it became successful. At first, she thought that her writing was horrible, and as months passed by, she then improved her writing skills while having fun.  Being a writer seems like a dream for her, but hey, this is the reality. Now, she can’t live without writing anything.