Tham Yong Xian’s Workout Music Playlist & Motivation

A full-time yoga instructor at Yoga Lab, Yong Xian hopes to spread to others the peace that she found through yoga. Find out what keeps her going!

After leaving the corporate world to become a writer, before later leaving that to dive straight into becoming a yogini, Yong Xian now lives and breathes yoga. It has been four months since she started teaching full-time, but she has very quickly built up quite a following. Yong Xian currently teaches at Yoga Lab, and is a familiar face and a growing influence in the Singapore yoga scene. She shares with us some of things that keep her motivated.

What is on your workout music playlist?

My yoga playlists, which I use to practice as well as teach, have quite a chillout, down tempo feel. Both my practice and style of teaching are very fluid, and I love to listen to my body and move in any way that my body craves, and that is really nice to do with some good beats on.

Some of my favourite bands these days are Parra for Cuva, Dr Toast, and Stumbleine. If I’m in the mood for a really slow Yin-style practice, I would probably put on some Novo Amor, Vancouver Sleep Clinic or Hammock—they’re so therapeutic!

Tham Yong Xian

What motivates you to workout, when you do not feel like it?

Mostly, it is my students at Yoga Lab who motivate me. A lot of them are incredibly dedicated to their practice, and even though some of them are relatively new to yoga, I can really see the effort they put in to improve and grow. That’s what I love about teaching too—teachers can be students, and students can be teachers. Yoga is an incredibly humbling practice!

If you are not in one of her classes, you can catch her demonstrating various yoga poses on her Instagram @yongxianyoga.



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