Top 4 Breathing Exercises: Reduce Workplace Stress

Perhaps you had an argument with your co-worker or your boss? Or maybe you’re overwhelmed as there are a lot of work to do? The source of your stress doesn’t matter, however the way you handle it affects everything. Take note that as long as you’re inside your workplace, it may drastically decline your productivity, and what’s worst, working-relationship with your team. If you don’t want that to happen ever in your life, read on as we give you tips on reducing workplace stress.

As a part of the mindfulness act, calmness of the mind and body can also be attained through simple breathing. Remember why your yoga teacher tells you to focus on your breathing? Same matter applies. And we understand that some may be embarrassed to do poses at work as they feel uncomfortable.  However, there is another way to overcome those – practicing proper and conscious breathing.

Join us as we unravel the best 4 breathing exercises that is certainly beneficial to the usual stressed workaholics today.

Square Breathing or Equal Breathing

Helpful in easing the mind, the equal breathing is beneficial to separate yourself from distracting thoughts that prohibits your creative minds. This calming exercise can increase your focus and significantly reduce stress if executed properly.

What you need to do: Keep your body in a comfortable sitting position. As you breathe air inside, count to four, then hold it for four again, slowly release until the count of four and stop for at least four seconds again. Repeat the sequence as long as you have the same number of phase when breathing. If in any case you feel slightly dizzy, reduce the counting to one until you gain your desired breathing technique.

Relaxing Breathe or 4-7-8

Often introduced as the natural tranquilizer for the nervous system due to its calming effect. As you routinely do Relaxing Breathe, you become aware of the stress and tension you may be feeling and will learn to remove it in your system. You can also do this whenever something unexpected happened, by allowing yourself to breathe and relax for a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to decide on the best action to make, rather than doing something that you’ll regret in the future.

What you need to do: Completely exhale by the use of your moth, then inhale using your nose and count until four. Hold your breath for seven counts, then exhale completely through your mouth again up to the count of eight. Repeat the whole cycle for up to three times.

Abdominal Breathing

Effectively calming especially when at a stressful situation like presentations, deadlines, etc, Abdominal Breathing is another promising exercise. However, take note that you shouldn’t shock your breathing to a new breath counting. Take it slowly as you progress on the desired breathing time. There are also justifications that Abdominal breathing can reduce blood pressure and heart rate. So, once done properly, you’ll release tension in no time.

What you need to do: Put your hand on the chest and the other on your belly, this enables you to focus on our goal. Inhale through your nose while making sure that the belly or diaphragm rises up as air fills in. Repeat the whole process and do this for 10 minutes.

Breathe Counting

Meditating by focusing on your breathe is the key to a calm mind and body, and breath counting is one of the easiest. This enables you to remove distractions in your mind while allowing yourself to relax at the same time.

What you need to do: Close your eyes and imagine yourself at a peaceful place. As a warm up, take a couple of deep breaths and then exhale.  Now, count to one as you exhale, then slowly count to two up to five as you exhale on the next cycle. After five, go back to counting one as you exhale, and so on repeating the routine. This can be done for 10 minutes as your form of meditation.

Now, it’s in your hands, or perhaps breathe, to control your stress. You can do these anytime of the day, even at work or at home to release tension.


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