Two Asian Yoga Teachers Share Their Body Positive Messages

Ria and Cheryl are role models who had their struggles with weight and eating but have risen above the scales to promote fitness and body positive attitudes in everything they do.

The fitness and yoga world will never be out of supply of svelte models and teachers with perfectly toned six-pack abs. Especially in Asia where many seem to be genetically blessed to be petite and thin.

But no matter what size you are, the message of the Body Positive movement applies to all. Whether you’re a size zero or plus, these yoga teachers and fitness enthusiasts share what being Body Positive means to them and how they embody it in their lives.

Ria Tirazona, Yin Yoga Teacher, Philippines

Ria Yoga 800x533

For me being Body Positive means celebrating my body for what it is: a gloriously designed and amazingly capable home for the Me that I am 🙂

In my own life I try to embody body positivity by treating myself with kindness and compassion, through not calling myself fat or ugly, or engaging in negative self-talk or beliefs. I also take the time for self-care and try to make choices that will better my body, mind and spirit. Oh, and I surround myself with people who help me appreciate and love myself no matter what size shape or form I come in!

Cheryl Tay, Fitness Freak, Singapore

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“Body Positive” means being confident about yourself and not letting others define how you should look. All of us are unique in our own ways and we only have one body we live in, so we should take care of ourselves properly. It also means not depending on others for validation and standing your own ground strong.

After suffering from body image and self-esteem issues for over a decade, I finally opened up about my struggles. All those years of self-inflicted harm and eating disorders put me in a very dark place. I realised that this is a silent social problem and many people quietly suffer from it. Hence, I started Rock The Naked Truth, a body image movement that gives hope to people that they aren’t alone. This community is here to support them!




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